[pve-devel] proxmox French days conference feedback

DERUMIER, Alexandre Alexandre.DERUMIER at groupe-cyllene.com
Thu Jun 23 10:43:46 CEST 2022


2 weeks ago we organised 2 days of proxmox ve/ceph conferences
at Clermont Ferrand university in France.

This was organized by university and CNRS (national research scientific

Proxmox is a lot used in this scientific departements in France,
and we had people coming from everywhere in France.

70 people on site, 300 peoples on streaming.

The purpose of the conference was to exchange about Proxmox experience,
and try to show to French Government and other public departements,
that proxmox VE was viable and working solution for virtualisation.

(As they are still a lot of vmware lobbying, but with broadcom coming
acquisation and lower budgets, they are a lot of planned migration).

Video Replay are available here (in French only , sorry )


So the conference was a success.
Overall experience with proxmox VE/PBS is really good.
Nobody had serious problem with PVE/PBS.

Some are coming from openstack (too big, too complex to manage)
Some others are coming from vmware.
Some others are using proxmox since 0.9 ;)
Some return of experience with ceph too. (with some problems).

Maybe for the most requested missing features:

- cross cluster management + replication/disaster recovery.  (They have
a lot of dual room / dual site.  But 3 sites to keep quorum is not
always possible)

- a drs feature like vmware for vm balancing 
(I'm still working on it, I'll try to have a working after this summer.
 I still need vm pressure stats pending patches apply first ;)

- Pool quota (restrict the total mem/cpu/disk allocated to all vms in a
pool). as they have some clusters shared between differents
departements / students/ ...

A big thanks to Daniela for the T-shirts and other goodies !

Also, another recurrent question:

"Why proxmox team is not more present on differents events/conference 
like fosdem, ... ?"

Yes, we would like to drink some beers with you guys ;)



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