[pve-devel] XenServer to PVE direct migration

Roland devzero at web.de
Mon Jun 6 18:15:08 CEST 2022


i'm using this script with great success for a while . it doesn't have
dependency to xs utility


It's mentioned at https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Xenmigrate

All i need to do is to create pve vm with raw virtual disks , replace
those with the converted ones
afterwards and then rebuild initrd's in the VMs for proper boot...


Am 06.06.22 um 17:22 schrieb Gandalf Corvotempesta via pve-devel:
> Betreff:
> XenServer to PVE direct migration
> Von:
> Gandalf Corvotempesta <gandalf.corvotempesta at gmail.com>
> Datum:
> 06.06.22, 17:22
> An:
> Proxmox VE development discussion <pve-devel at lists.proxmox.com>
> Hi,
> any chance to get my xen-to-pve script natively integrated in PVE?
> https://github.com/guestisp/xen-to-pve/tree/v2
> v2 does a direct migration from a XenServer virtual machine to a PVE
> virtual machine, without the need to uncompress the dump, extract,
> convert and so on. Just a direct import when exporting.
> It works, i've migrated more than 40 VMs with no issue, but I don't
> have time (and knowledge) to improve that more.
> If someone could merge the project in pve....
> Probably, one thing to remove is dependency to "xs" tool and stunnel.
> "xs" need "stunnel" but calling the XS api directly doesn't need
> anything more than curl (but I don't know how to export
> a disk without using "xs")
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