[pve-devel] [PATCH many] add cluster-wide hardware device mapping

Dominik Csapak d.csapak at proxmox.com
Tue Jul 19 13:46:16 CEST 2022

this series aims to add a cluster-wide device mapping for pci and usb devices.
so that an admin can configure a device to be availble for migration and
configuring for uses that are non-root

built-in are some additional safety checks in contrast to current
passthrough, e.g. if pci addresses shift, with the mapping
we can detect that and prevent a vm to boot with the wrong device
(in most cases, there are some edge cases when one has multiple
of the same device, e.g. the same gpu, that we cannot detect)

a few pain points that are probably worth discussing/thinking about:
(i did not really get feedback on my last RFC on this)
* the config format
    i changed to a json backed config, since it makes handling it much
    easier (since we have a id -> nodenames -> mapping relation that
    we cannot easily represent with a section config). some
    (small) parts are written from scratch (update/createSchema for
    instance) but we would have to do that anyway

    if wanted i can make the section config work, but it makes the
    handling quite a big uglier (for example, we have name the usb/pci
    properties differently because the section config cannnot have
    different formats for different sections)

* getting the cluster wide info
    the configuring of mappings is all done via node specific api paths,
    but i created a cluster wide api path that returns the overall
    structure for easy consumption from the gui. to get the remaining
    data from the other nodes, i let the gui make an api call
    for each node.

    alternatively we could distribute the necessary info via pmxcfs,
    but we'd have to broadcast basically the whole pci listing for all
    nodes in a relatively short interval, only for it to be extremly
    seldomly used (when looking at the cluster wide hardware

* some minor things that can be improved are how the gui looks/behaves:
    - 'add new' and 'add mapping' are probably to similar, but i did
      not come up with really better alternatives
    - i find the tree of entry -> node-mappings nice, but there may be
      an even better representation?
    - position in cluster menu is probably not optimal
      (but where to put it?)

changes from the rfc:
* new cluster wide gui instead of node-local one (removed that, since
  it's not necessary when we have a cluster-wide one)
* uses json instead of a section config
* api is quite different overall, i split the type into its own level
  for configuring, similar to what we do in pbs
  (e.g. /nodes/NODENAME/hardware/mapping/usb/)
* fixed quite some bugs the rfc had
* added patch for handling the gui with limited permissions better
* added a 'comment' field for mappings

dependencies are ofc:

    manager depends on qemu-server,pve-access-control,pve-common
    qemu-server depends on pve-access-control,pve-common
    pve-common depends on pve-cluster


Dominik Csapak (1):
  add nodes/hardware-map.conf

 data/PVE/Cluster.pm | 1 +
 data/src/status.c   | 1 +
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+)


Dominik Csapak (2):
  PVE/AccessControl: add Hardware.* privileges and /hardware/ paths
  PVE/RPCEnvironment: add helper for checking hw permissions

 src/PVE/AccessControl.pm  | 13 +++++++++++++
 src/PVE/RPCEnvironment.pm |  9 +++++++++
 2 files changed, 22 insertions(+)


Dominik Csapak (1):
  add PVE/HardwareMap

 src/Makefile           |   1 +
 src/PVE/HardwareMap.pm | 363 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 364 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 src/PVE/HardwareMap.pm


Dominik Csapak (7):
  PVE/QemuServer: allow mapped usb devices in config
  PVE/QemuServer: allow mapped pci deviced in config
  PVE/API2/Qemu: add permission checks for mapped usb devices
  PVE/API2/Qemu: add permission checks for mapped pci devices
  PVE/QemuServer: extend 'check_local_resources' for mapped resources
  PVE/API2/Qemu: migrate preconditions: use new check_local_resources
  PVE/QemuMigrate: check for mapped resources on migration

 PVE/API2/Qemu.pm      | 108 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
 PVE/QemuMigrate.pm    |  13 ++++-
 PVE/QemuServer.pm     |  38 ++++++++++++++-
 PVE/QemuServer/PCI.pm |  20 +++++++-
 PVE/QemuServer/USB.pm |  21 +++++++-
 5 files changed, 185 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)


Dominik Csapak (12):
  PVE/API2/Hardware: add Mapping.pm
  PVE/API2/Cluster: add Hardware mapping list api call
  ui: form/USBSelector: make it more flexible with nodename
  ui: form: add PCIMapSelector
  ui: form: add USBMapSelector
  ui: qemu/PCIEdit: rework panel to add a mapped configuration
  ui: qemu/USBEdit: add 'mapped' device case
  ui: add window/PCIEdit: edit window for pci mappings
  ui: add window/USBEdit: edit window for usb mappings
  ui: add dc/HardwareView: a CRUD interface for hardware mapping
  ui: window/Migrate: allow mapped devices
  ui: improve permission handling for hardware

 PVE/API2/Cluster.pm                 |   8 +
 PVE/API2/Cluster/Hardware.pm        | 117 +++++
 PVE/API2/Cluster/Makefile           |   1 +
 PVE/API2/Hardware.pm                |   6 +
 PVE/API2/Hardware/Makefile          |   1 +
 PVE/API2/Hardware/Mapping.pm        | 708 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 www/manager6/Makefile               |   5 +
 www/manager6/data/PermPathStore.js  |   1 +
 www/manager6/dc/Config.js           |  18 +-
 www/manager6/dc/HardwareView.js     | 314 ++++++++++++
 www/manager6/form/PCIMapSelector.js |  95 ++++
 www/manager6/form/PCISelector.js    |  18 +-
 www/manager6/form/USBMapSelector.js |  73 +++
 www/manager6/form/USBSelector.js    |  33 +-
 www/manager6/qemu/HardwareView.js   |  17 +-
 www/manager6/qemu/PCIEdit.js        | 231 ++++++---
 www/manager6/qemu/USBEdit.js        |  34 +-
 www/manager6/window/Migrate.js      |  37 +-
 www/manager6/window/PCIEdit.js      | 323 +++++++++++++
 www/manager6/window/USBEdit.js      | 248 ++++++++++
 20 files changed, 2185 insertions(+), 103 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 PVE/API2/Cluster/Hardware.pm
 create mode 100644 PVE/API2/Hardware/Mapping.pm
 create mode 100644 www/manager6/dc/HardwareView.js
 create mode 100644 www/manager6/form/PCIMapSelector.js
 create mode 100644 www/manager6/form/USBMapSelector.js
 create mode 100644 www/manager6/window/PCIEdit.js
 create mode 100644 www/manager6/window/USBEdit.js


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