[pve-devel] [PATCH v3 qemu-server 09/10] migrate: add remote migration handling

Roland devzero at web.de
Tue Jan 4 17:44:38 CET 2022

>>   +sub phase2_start_remote_cluster {
>> +    my ($self, $vmid, $params) = @_;
>> +
>> +    die "insecure migration to remote cluster not implemented\n"
>> +    if $params->{migrate_opts}->{type} ne 'websocket';
>> +
>> +    my $remote_vmid = $self->{opts}->{remote}->{vmid};
>> +
>> +    my $res = PVE::Tunnel::write_tunnel($self->{tunnel}, 10,
>> "start", $params);
> 10 seconds feels a bit short to me.
Please, administrators like tunables and knobs for changing default values.

Not only for being empowered to fix things themselves but also to be
able to dig into a problem and find the root cause...

I remember that i had more then one occasion , where i grepped for
timeout or other limiting values in proxmox or other softwares source, 
and often gave up in the end, because it was too deeply hidden or i got
too many hits/findings.

Finding such without knowing the code can often be like searching for
the needle in a haystack and extremely frustrating.

I would be happy, if such important values would get defined with some
descriptive variable name at a suitable location, maybe even with some
comment what's it all about ( even if it's not meant to be changed/tuned)

just my 10 cents...


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