[pve-devel] Prometheus PVE exporter is looking for a co-maintainer

Lorenz Schori lo at znerol.ch
Fri Sep 3 11:47:16 CEST 2021


Prometheus PVE Exporter has developed into a project used by people and
organizations around the globe. It is a honor for me to contribute a
small piece of software which makes the lives easier for fellow
sysadmins and devops engineers.

At this point I can easily keep up with resolving issues and reviewing
/ merging PRs. In the long run it will for sure be beneficial for the
project if more than one person is capable of maintaining the code base
and rolling releases.

Thus, I am looking for some reliable creature who is willing to assume
responsibility for the maintenance of this project and for keeping its
users happy. If you are actively using Prometheus PVE Exporter, if you
did contribute to this project in the past and if you like to step up
as a maintainer, then please ping me.



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