[pve-devel] [PATCH docs v2 1/1] pveceph: improve documentation for destroying cephfs

Dominik Csapak d.csapak at proxmox.com
Mon Oct 25 16:01:39 CEST 2021

Signed-off-by: Dominik Csapak <d.csapak at proxmox.com>
 pveceph.adoc | 49 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
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diff --git a/pveceph.adoc b/pveceph.adoc
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--- a/pveceph.adoc
+++ b/pveceph.adoc
@@ -809,28 +809,53 @@ Destroy CephFS
 WARNING: Destroying a CephFS will render all of its data unusable. This cannot be
-If you really want to destroy an existing CephFS, you first need to stop or
-destroy all metadata servers (`M̀DS`). You can destroy them either via the web
-interface or via the command line interface, by issuing
+To completely an cleanly remove a CephFS, the following steps are necessary:
+* Disconnect every non-{PVE} client (e.g. unmount the CephFS in guests).
+* Disable all related CephFS {PVE} storage entries (to prevent it from being
+  automatically mounted).
+* Remove all used resources from guests (e.g. ISOs) that are on the CephFS you
+  want to destroy.
+* Unmount the CephFS storages on all cluster nodes manually with
-pveceph mds destroy NAME
+umount /mnt/pve/<STORAGE-NAME>
-on each {pve} node hosting an MDS daemon.
-Then, you can remove (destroy) the CephFS by issuing
+Where `<STORAGE-NAME>` is the name of the CephFS storage in your {PVE}.
+* Now make sure that no metadata server (`MDS`) is running for that CephFS,
+  either by stopping or destroying them. This can be done either via the web
+  interface or via the command line interface, by issuing:
+pveceph stop --service mds.NAME
-ceph fs rm NAME --yes-i-really-mean-it
+to stop them, or
+pveceph mds destroy NAME
-on a single node hosting Ceph. After this, you may want to remove the created
-data and metadata pools, this can be done either over the Web GUI or the CLI
+to destroy them.
+Note that standby servers will automatically be promoted to active when an
+active `MDS` is stopped or removed, so it is best to first stop all standby
+* Now you can destroy the CephFS with
-pveceph pool destroy NAME
+pveceph fs destroy NAME --remove-storages --remove-pools
+This will automatically destroy the underlying ceph pools as well as remove
+the storages from pve config.
+After these steps, the CephFS should be completely removed and if you have
+other CephFS instances, the stopped metadata servers can be started again
+to act as standbys.
 Ceph maintenance

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