[pve-devel] ifupdown2 "bridge_set_static_mac_from_port" policy

alexandre derumier aderumier at odiso.com
Tue Jul 13 07:16:31 CEST 2021

it seem that it's possible to enable some policy on bridge in ifupdown2

cumulus linux distro for example, have this policy

$ cat /var/lib/ifupdown2/policy.d/bridge.json
"bridge": {
"module_globals": {
"warn_on_untagged_bridge_absence": "yes",
"vxlan_bridge_default_igmp_snooping": "off",
"allow_arp_nd_suppress_only_on_vxlan": "yes",
"bridge_set_static_mac_from_port": "yes"
"defaults": {
"bridge-stp": "on",
"bridge-vlan-stats" : "on",
"bridge-mcstats" : "on",
"bridge-portprios": "8",
"bridge-hashel": "4096",
"bridge-hashmax": "4096",
"bridge-ageing": "1800"

bridge_set_static_mac_from_port could be usefull to reuse physical
interface mac on bridge.

(BTW, ifupdown2 3.1 patches have been pushed to master, not yet
released, they are some interesting bugfix with dhcp, and other things.
I don't have tested it yet).

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