[pve-devel] [PATCH docs] qm: update section about audio devices

Aaron Lauterer a.lauterer at proxmox.com
Tue Jan 12 14:39:57 CET 2021

With the ability to configure the `none` backend, the audio section
needs an update.

Signed-off-by: Aaron Lauterer <a.lauterer at proxmox.com>
 qm.adoc | 17 ++++++++++++-----
 1 file changed, 12 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/qm.adoc b/qm.adoc
index 9c54903..d72798c 100644
--- a/qm.adoc
+++ b/qm.adoc
@@ -796,11 +796,18 @@ Supported audio devices are:
 * `intel-hda`: Intel HD Audio Controller, emulates ICH6
 * `AC97`: Audio Codec '97, useful for older operating systems like Windows XP
-NOTE: The audio device works only in combination with SPICE. Remote protocols
-like Microsoft's RDP have options to play sound. To use the physical audio
-device of the host use device passthrough (see
-xref:qm_pci_passthrough[PCI Passthrough] and
-xref:qm_usb_passthrough[USB Passthrough]).
+There are two backends available:
+* 'spice'
+* 'none'
+The 'spice' backend can be used in combination with xref:qm_display[SPICE] while
+the 'none' backend can be useful if an audio device is needed in the VM for some
+software to work. To use the physical audio device of the host use device
+passthrough (see xref:qm_pci_passthrough[PCI Passthrough] and
+xref:qm_usb_passthrough[USB Passthrough]). Remote protocols like Microsoft’s RDP
+have options to play sound.

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