[pve-devel] Audio support, dummy/none

Gilles Pietri contact+dev at gilouweb.com
Tue Jan 5 20:33:11 CET 2021

Le 05/01/2021 à 12:43, Aaron Lauterer a écrit :
> Adding support for the 'none' backend should not be too hard to
> implement. Besides changes in QemuServer.pm, the GUI (pve-manager) needs
> to be adapted as well because right now the backend is hard coded.

I'll start with that, it's a good "non intrusive" change that can get me
more acquainted with the source and the overall build system, and
separate git repos.

> Adding support for ALSA and / or pulseaudio is probably a bit more
> complicated to get it working "out of the box" and AFAICT our qemu build
> currently does not support the PA backend.

True, and it will also require something like a second layer of
dependent options, so it might make sense to have that stored/offered
somewhere only once for API/qm and the Web UI, I'll think about it though…

> If you want to take the challenge to implement the support for the none
> backend yourself, you are welcome to do so!
> Have a look at our Dev documentation [0]. We would also need a signed
> CLA[1] send to office at proxmox.com

I just did that, I like the idea of starting with a small feature ;)
> Alternatively you can create an enhancement request in our bugtracker so
> we can keep track of it.

I'll probably do it for alsa/pulseaudio support then, as this might be a
little bit more delicate, and might require discussion.

Thanks for your assistance and patience, hopefully I'll be able to help
that way ;)



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