[pve-devel] [PATCH manager] ui: RBDStorage: add field for RBD namespace

Aaron Lauterer a.lauterer at proxmox.com
Fri Apr 16 17:39:27 CEST 2021

Thx for the feedback and yep, I forgot to run the linter...

On 4/16/21 4:56 PM, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
> On 16.04.21 16:10, Aaron Lauterer wrote:
>> Makes it possible to configure the RBD namespace via the GUI.


>> +		xtype: 'displayfield',
>> +		name: 'namespace-hint',
>> +		userCls: 'pmx-hint',
>> +		value: gettext('RBD namespaces must be created manually!'),
>> +		bind: {
>> +		    hidden: '{!namespacePresent}',
>> +		},
> Alternatively we could probe the rbd storage if the namespace is present on submit?
> I.e., do the RADOS command equivalent to `rbd namespace list -p <pool` in the
> storage add/update hook if the namespace param is present?

Anything against doing it via `rbd -p pool namespace ls`? AFAICT there is no lightweight command to list namespaces via `rados`. Only thing I found was listing all objects in the pool and fetching used namespaces from that output: `rados -p rbd ls --format json` but that is an expensive operation.

One thing though that we should consider: so far adding an external RBD storage worked even if the auth keyring wasn't present. The storage would not get activated until the keyring file was present. But one could still do that after adding the storage config. With this check we would make it a requirement to first place the keyring file and then add the storage config.

>>   	    },
>> -	    checked: true,
>> -	    uncheckedValue: 0,
>> -	    submitValue: false,
>> -	    hidden: !me.isCreate,
>> -	    boxLabel: gettext('Use Proxmox VE managed hyper-converged ceph pool'),
>> -	}];
>> +	];
>>   	me.callParent();
>>       },

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