[pve-devel] [PATCH] controllers: bgp: enable multihop on the underlay

Alexandre Bruyelles px at jack.fr.eu.org
Fri Apr 9 14:21:37 CEST 2021

From: Alexandre Bruyelles <git at jack.fr.eu.org>

Multihop is required when the bgpd are running across
a pair of MLAG routers.
In such scenario, TCP trafic from Proxmox to router A
may pass through router B, which will decrease the TTL.

Signed-off-by: Alexandre Bruyelles <git at jack.fr.eu.org>
 PVE/Network/SDN/Controllers/BgpPlugin.pm | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/PVE/Network/SDN/Controllers/BgpPlugin.pm b/PVE/Network/SDN/Controllers/BgpPlugin.pm
index e5d8490..69436a0 100644
--- a/PVE/Network/SDN/Controllers/BgpPlugin.pm
+++ b/PVE/Network/SDN/Controllers/BgpPlugin.pm
@@ -85,6 +85,7 @@ sub generate_controller_config {
 	push @controller_config, "neighbor BGP peer-group";
 	push @controller_config, "neighbor BGP remote-as $remoteas";
 	push @controller_config, "neighbor BGP bfd";
+	push @controller_config, "neighbor BGP ebgp-multihop 3";
     # BGP peers

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