[pve-devel] Flutter-app: Fingerprinting

René Jochum rene at jochum.dev
Thu Sep 24 13:16:41 CEST 2020


I wanted to write my own Flutter based app before you guy's Published
the App, I wanted to call it "superprox", it should run on Desktop with
electron, iOS and Android.

Because of that I looked into Fingerprinting of TLS Certs and found a
solution [0].

I've extended it to fetch fingerprint's for me, look at my fork at [1]
it won't work on iOS yet.

I can send code samples If you guys are interested.

Kind regards,


0: https://pub.dev/packages/http_certificate_pinning
1: https://github.com/pcdummy/http_certificate_pinning/tree/fingerprint_getter

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