[pve-devel] [PATCH v3 proxmox-widget-toolbox 0/9] removal of directories in PBS WebUI

Hannes Laimer h.laimer at proxmox.com
Fri Aug 28 10:46:49 CEST 2020

Add functionality to remove directories in the PBS WebUI. In order to do that SafeDestroy had to be moved from
pve-manager into proxmox-widget-toolkit and the possibility to show a small note in the dialog had to be added.
Furthermore specifics to pve-manager in SafeRemove were replaces with a more general approach, namely: 'type' was
replaced with 'purgeable' and 'taskName'. Due to the moving and refactorization the usages of SafeDestroy in pve-manager
had to be corrected. In order to avoid the extraction of the directory name from the path in the frontend, the api2
now also returns the name of a directory.

proxmox-widget-toolkit needs a version bump, pve-manager and proxmox-backup require that new version.

v3: - smaller patches with each doing a single thing
	- correct indentation for JS files

v2: - SafeRemove -> SafeDestroy (keep original name)
	- generalized SafeDestroy
	- fixed eslint related issues
	- split patch [3/5]v1 into two patches

proxmox-widget-toolkit: Hannes Laimer (5):
  safe-destroy: move here from pve-manager
  safe-destroy: replace type with purgeable and taskName
  safe-destroy: replace var with let/const
  safe-destroy: add possibility to show a small note
  utils: add task description for directory removal

 src/Makefile              |   1 +
 src/window/SafeDestroy.js | 210 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 src/Utils.js | 1 +
 3 files changed, 212 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 src/window/SafeDestroy.js

pve-manager: Hannes Laimer (2):
  safe-destroy: use SafeDestroy from proxmox-widget-toolkit
  remove SafeDestroy from pve-manager

 www/manager6/Makefile               |   1 -
 www/manager6/ceph/Pool.js           |   5 +-
 www/manager6/lxc/Config.js          |   5 +-
 www/manager6/qemu/Config.js         |   5 +-
 www/manager6/storage/ContentView.js |   5 +-
 www/manager6/window/SafeDestroy.js  | 194 ----------------------------
 6 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 203 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 www/manager6/window/SafeDestroy.js

proxmox-backup: Hannes Laimer (2):
  api2: add name of mount-point to DatastoreMountInfo
  ui: add remove-button for directories/mount-units

 src/api2/node/disks/directory.rs |  4 ++++
 www/DirectoryList.js             | 25 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 29 insertions(+)


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