[pve-devel] More than 10 interfaces in lxc containers

Stephan Leemburg sleemburg at it-functions.nl
Sun Aug 23 17:04:49 CEST 2020

Hi Dietmar,

As said, the node has tradtional vmbr (brctl) bridges. So with that 
setup, I do not know how to do what you suggest. But I am happy to learn.

And as far as I can tell on my test server that uses openvswitch, I can 
only assign one tag to an interface in a container.

So also that will not work. If I could assign multiple VLAN's to an 
openswitch based container interface then I could create the vlan 
interfaces inside the container.

Ending up with as many vlan devices required in the container, so im my 
case with more than 10.

That would - however - require changing the current production setup on 
the OVH server(s) to switch from traditional bridging to openvswitch.

OVH servers are good in price/performance. Support is not so good and 
there is no console, so if something goes wrong you have to order (and 
pay for) a kvm to be attached for one day. That can take up to an hour 
or so to be performed as it is work that has to be performed manually by 
a site engineer in the data center.

But if there is a way, then I would be more than glad to learn about it.

Kind regards,


On 23-08-2020 16:24, Dietmar Maurer wrote:
>> If it would be possible to provide a 'trunk' openvswitch interface to
>> the CT, then from within the CT vlan devices could be setup from the
>> trunk, but in the end that will still create 10+ interfaces in the
>> container itself.
> Cant you simply use a single network interface, then configure the vlans
> inside the firewall?
> IMHO, using one interface for each VLAN is the wrong approach. I am sure
> next time people will ask for 4095 interfaces ...

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