[pve-devel] [PATCH pve-network 0/6] RFC: initial pve-network package

Alexandre Derumier aderumier at odiso.com
Wed Mar 27 18:24:04 CET 2019

This is a first attempt to create a pve-network package,
to allowed defined network at datacenter level (vnet)
with a plugin infrastructure to handle different kind of network (vlan,vxlan....)

Currently, it's only generate /etc/network/interfaces.d/vnet (ifupdown2 will be required for online reloading).
Maybe later it could be great to add tap_plug/veth_plug functions if plugins don't use bridge (ovs or another vswitch) or need something like dpdk,...

a Vnet is a linux bridge, mapped to a transportzone. (with a vlan/vxlan tag)
a Transportzone is some kind of template for vnet (we can define vxlan peer ip, allowed vlan/vxlan,vrf,...)

We could add permissions on transportzone.
Use case : admin have define a transport zone with some allowed vlan for a customer, 
and customer is allowed to create vnets on this transportzone.
(Transportzone = tenant)

Maybe we could move Network.pm and other network apis into this package later ?

A test file is provided to generate configuration, reload is not yet implemented.
I'm still looking how to handle error on local node, and how/where to apply it (new daemon ?)

Alexandre Derumier (6):
  initial package commit
  add transport plugin infrastructure
  add vlan plugin
  add vxlan multicast plugin
  add vnet
  add a sample test to generate config


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