[pve-devel] rfc : /etc/pve/networks.cfg implementation

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Sat Mar 23 15:38:42 CET 2019

> I'm still working on it, but after some discussions with my co-workers using a lot vmware and students at last training,
> I have some changes for proposal.
> 1)
> in /etc/network/interfaces, don't use "transport-zone" as name for option,
> but use "uplink", this is the name in vmware, so users won't be lost.

Ok for me ...

> The other difference, is that this "uplink" can be used in differents transport-zone.
> Transport zone are still defined at datacenter level,
> for a simple vlan config, you can have 1transport zone allowing vlan 10-20 on uplink 1,
> and another transport zone on same uplink allowing vlan 30-40.
> The main idea, is that a transport-zone is basically a tenant, so we you add permissions on it,
> maybe put it in a pool, and then user can create vnet bridge himself, inside the correct vlan range.

sounds good.

> 2)for frr, I would like to have a router object,(where we define bgp peer,as,..),to generate main part of frr config
>   and this router can be used by differents vxlan transport zones in differents vrf. (they a subojects of the main router in frr.config too)
>   Like this, each vxlan transport zone is in a different vrf, so no routing between them. (each customer have a transport zone, and can't access
>   to other customer transport zone)
> What do you think about it ?

I think this would be great. I suggest we start with simple setups, then test and extend the code and models ...

- Dietmar

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