[pve-devel] [PATCH docs] pve-network: add short section explaining Open vSwitch

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Wed Aug 28 10:32:22 CEST 2019

On 28.08.19 10:10, Aaron Lauterer wrote:
> On 8/28/19 9:42 AM, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
>> On 27.08.19 16:31, Aaron Lauterer wrote:
>>> On 8/27/19 12:27 PM, Christian Ebner wrote:
>>>> Signed-off-by: Christian Ebner <c.ebner at proxmox.com>
>>>> +In contrast to Linux virtual bridges, OVS bridges can carry multiple VLANs over
>>>> +a sinlge bridge.
>>> # this is not true. by now Linux bridges can be set to VLAN aware and thus reduce the use cases for the OVS quite a bit.
>> With vlan-aware on you cannot do any VXLANs anymore, AFAIK, which OVS still can.
>> But yes, in general that comment is not the full truth so maybe just omit it
>> for now..
> What if we put a subsection "Open vSwitch vs. Linux bridges" / "Comparison to Linux bridges" at the beginning of the OVS section?
> I think one or two paragraphs there could help people a lot to decide if they even need OVS. Talking about the features and use cases. In which situations the Linux Bridge is not enough anymore and OVS is needed.

Sounds good to me. Would then need to be updated from time to time, though, as
Linux Bridges have seen quite some improvements over time I'd guess there's more
to come in future kernel releases.

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