[pve-devel] [PATCH docs] pve-network: add short section explaining Open vSwitch

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Wed Aug 28 09:42:00 CEST 2019

On 27.08.19 16:31, Aaron Lauterer wrote:
> On 8/27/19 12:27 PM, Christian Ebner wrote:
>> Signed-off-by: Christian Ebner <c.ebner at proxmox.com>

>> +see the https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Open_vSwitch[Open vSwitch wiki page] for
>> +further details.
>> +
>> +OVS Bridge
>> +^^^^^^^^^^
>> +
>> +Just like a Linux virtual bridge, this will create a new OVS virtual bridge,
>> +allowing to attach raw ethernet devices and virtual interfaces such as OVS bonds
>> +or OVS IntPorts.
> # remove the whole sentence? or phrase it differently? something like the following?
> The OVS virtual bridge is the base to which raw ethernet devices and virtual interfaces such as ... can be attached to.
> # should we call it "is the switch to"? sounds weird though.

I'd use "is the network device" instead

>> +On creation, you can directly assing raw ethernet devices to attatch to the
>> +bridge ports and assing an IP address to the bridge.

even if this would be change completely, FYI: s/assing/assign/ s/attatch/attach/

> On creation you can define the raw ethernet devices attached to the OVS bridge in the 'bridge_ports' field. You can configure IP addresses and gateways on the bridge if needed.

I'd change the second sentence to:

"You can configure IP addresses and gateways also on the bridge directly if needed."

(minus potential grammar erros, but I'd like to underline that those IPs are
then directly on the bridge and that it can be done independently of the other

> # no comma? phrase it a bit differently for better understanding. though I am not really happy about my suggestion either.

It something, and I'd rather have something not 100% matching to a writing
guide than no content at all. We got some great feedback over the current stat
of pve-docs, and that while it's grammar/style can surely be improved, so I'd
like to try to not bike-shed this to much...

>> +In contrast to Linux virtual bridges, OVS bridges can carry multiple VLANs over
>> +a sinlge bridge.
> # this is not true. by now Linux bridges can be set to VLAN aware and thus reduce the use cases for the OVS quite a bit.

With vlan-aware on you cannot do any VXLANs anymore, AFAIK, which OVS still can.
But yes, in general that comment is not the full truth so maybe just omit it
for now..

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