[pve-devel] pversr recover state

Wolfgang Link w.link at proxmox.com
Tue May 8 15:33:38 CEST 2018

This patch series allows to restore a replica without status.

A HA migration ends in a lost state, even a manual configuration movement generates this behavior.
This patch series also fixes the problem of cleanup without status.

0001-Cleanup for stateless jobs.patch
	Deduplicate storage entry's.

0004-Get snapshots when no state is available.
	sort with numeric insteated of string cmp.

0005-Add function: swap source and target in replication
	simplify the variable access.

rebase to current master

0003-Delete replication snapshots only if last_sync is not 0.patch

        reword commit as Thomas suggest. 

0001-Cleanup for stateless jobs.patch

	Change for loop against a map feature
	like t.lamprecht suggest and improve how w.bumiller meant.

	Commit message made in more detail.

0002-Add config parameter 'source'.patch

	Modify commit message.

0003-Delete replication snapshots only if last_sync is not 0.patch

	Modify commit message.
	Add an error message if the status is not recoverable.
	Sort the snapshots to test newer ones first.

0006-Add error message in case the state is not recoverable.patch

	Correct typos in the page nodes as t.lamprecht suggest.

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