[pve-devel] Firewall hooks

Harald Leithner leithner at itronic.at
Thu Mar 22 12:28:49 CET 2018


it seams that there are no firewall hooks in pve-firewall is this correct?

I would like to add my own action before, after the firewall 
configuration for a VM is stop,started or reloaded.

My use case would be adding ARP filter and bridge filter rules, because 
at the moment each VM gets all ARP traffic and multicast traffic that it 
may not need. So I tested to build arptables rules to block misdirected 
ARP requests.

By doing this it saves me about 10kbit/s for a idle VM dropping to 
almost 4kbit/s, dropping multicast and STP requests reduce this to 
2kbit/s. This doesn't sound much but don't having this traffic on each 
VM reduces CPU context switches and prevent information leak to the VM.

Is there any point I could attach my own script?



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