[pve-devel] CIFS Plugin

Wolfgang Link w.link at proxmox.com
Fri Mar 16 10:22:48 CET 2018

This is a storage plugin for cifs/smb network storage.
It is tested with Windows Server2012R2, Server1016, Debian9 with samba 4.5
and CentOS6 with samba 3.6.

[PATCH storage 03/11] REMOVE use instead use PVE::PTY as T.Lamprecht suggest.
       	       	      This is done in Patch 10.

[PATCH V2 storage 03/10] Remove extract password func.
[PATCH V2 storage 05/10] Fix indentation and the order.
[PATCH V2 storage 10/10] NEW handel pasword in CLI as W.Bumiller suggest.

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