[pve-devel] training week : students features request

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Thu Mar 15 03:29:46 CET 2018


we have almost finished our training week,

student are very happy with the hard work done on proxmox5, bugfixes,documentation and stability improvements.

They have some features requests/suggestion

- vm balancing/redispatching based on cpu
- auto-snapshot feature (cron like)
- global/central backup scheduler (be able to do backup sequentially of all vms, but not on all hosts at the same time)
- incremental backup 
- ceph: backup implementation with rbd export-diff 
   (I personally think that it could be great to implement alternative storage snasphot/export backup in storage plugins as an option , it's a lot faster on ceph for example, and support diff backup out of the box)
- ceph: add replication like zfs to a remote ceph cluster for disaster recovery
- fault-tolerance implementation (COLO) : (lot of work, seem that it'll be possible ready for qemu 2.12)


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