[pve-devel] Bind Mount Points vs Device Mount Points

Nils Privat gismo3303 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 16:09:45 CET 2018


recently i wanted to mount some directories, managed by the host, into an
I opened up the "resources" -> add -> mount point:

Here i was a bit confused. Is the GUI mask mixing up bind and device mounts?
I guess the two entries "Storage" and "Disk Size" are only important if i
want to mount a device, but i just want to mount a folder, there is not
possibility to select none "storage" and type in the folder-path
instead.... so my solution was to manually edit the conf with something
like that:

mp0: /mnt/bindmounts/shared,mp=/shared/folder1 in /etc/pve/lxc/100.conf

It works great, even with option ro=1, I just had to create the dir
/shared/folder1 inside the container first.
So maybe i misunderstood the GUI, but for me, it would be great if the GUI
explicit distinguish between device mount and bind mounts. Or how can i
"bind mount" and no "device mount"?

Just an small idea...
In general, proxmox is just awesome, thanks!

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