[pve-devel] Possible Bug after Update PVE - PMG (VM) Disk not found

Daniel Berteaud daniel at firewall-services.com
Sun Jun 24 13:28:33 CEST 2018

Le 24/06/2018 à 13:18, Detlef Bracker a écrit :
> *The questions:*
> A) What has destroyed the boot record of the VM of the Mail-Gateway?
> Hardware-Failures on the Host cant been (SSD-RAID - without wareout -
> passed)

This is the only question which should be investigated.
> B) Why the backup was running perfect without see, that the boot record
> is defective? - Why example when an admin dont boot the Host expl. 100
> days
> and then the backups only exists expl. 14 days, then the VM cant
> recover why
> the backup save the bad VM-harddrives?!

PVE backups don't care (and should not care) about what is in VM. It
just backup a blob as is. If your VM is already broken, the backup
**should** backup it as is. And that's what happenned to you. Backup has
absolutely no way to check if the boot record is OK or anything else.
This is all the responsability of the VM, not the host.



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