[pve-devel] VNC console

Gandalf Corvotempesta gandalf.corvotempesta at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 10:19:20 CEST 2018

Hi to all
I've asked the same on your forum , but maybe this is a more appropriate place.

What I really miss in PVE from other hypervisors like XenServer, is a
real VNC console, persisting after closing the browser.

In example: I had to remotely update a server BIOS. Obviously, this
operation must not be interrupted. The current VNC console (NoVNC or
xterm.js) doesn't persist session like a real VNC console.
If you close the browser window or navigate to another page, you loose
the current session (and all commands gets interrupted)

This is absolutely not safe when performing some operations.
Do you have any workaround? I would expect that a NoVNC console, as
VNC client, would persist commands like any other VNC clients.

In example, "vncviewer my.xenserver.host 5901" will persist even after
killing the "vncviewer" process.
This is not the same with NoVNC.

Any idea ? If currently is not possible, do you have plan to add
support for this ? I think that would be much apreciated.

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