[pve-devel] [PATCH .gitignores 0/31] Add/extend the .gitignores

René Jochum rene at jochums.at
Wed Apr 18 22:25:56 CEST 2018

I'm using an IDE with integrated GIT support, without these patches
it shows me 10k changes (where I only have about 10 changes).

This also allows you to do `git add -A` without a `make clean` before.

list of patches:
- [PATCH vncterm] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH vncterm] Improve the .gitignore
- [PATCH tar] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH qemu-server] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-xtermjs] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-qemu] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-storage] Extend the .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-manager] Extend the .gitignore(s)
- [PATCH pve-libspice-server] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-kernel-meta] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-kernel] Improve the .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-http-server] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-ha-manager] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-guest-common] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-firmware] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-firewall] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-docs] Improve the .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-container] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-common] Improve the .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-cluster] Improve the .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-apiclient] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH pve-access-control] Improve the .gitignore
- [PATCH proxmox-widget-toolkit] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH proxmox-ve] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH proxmox-i18n] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH novnc-pve] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH lxcfs] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH lxc] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH ksm-control-daemon] Improve the .gitignore
- [PATCH extjs] Add .gitignore
- [PATCH corosync-pve] Improve the .gitignore

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