[pve-devel] Wish-List for Mail-Gateway

Detlef Bracker bracker at 1awww.com
Tue Apr 10 07:38:34 CEST 2018


where can I send a wish list for the Mail-Gateway?

a) add Button and a function to forward mail in spamquarantaine to other 
receives, expl. abuse - mail-address of the sender
b) Date-Filters (from and to) - when not changed long time, then 
automatic set for: from: to now() - 24 hours and to: to now() - 
  in all lists
c) Hold the last searching filters (from date/time and to date/time) for 
tracking center, when left the function and come back to this function! 
Everytime to enter in this function will you bring bad settings in 
filter for start and end time!
d) Mail-Filter -> Objects - A search filter in all lists, their is 
nothig as a filter! A search can been in moment only via Browser - Search!



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