[pve-devel] qemu-kvm online resize with device-backed storage

Dmitry Petuhov mityapetuhov at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 11:40:12 CET 2017


Looks like PVE's qemu is affected by bug 

I think because of this resize is failing for CEPH with krbd enabled 
(seen several reports on forum). It also affects my custom DELL plugin.

After backing device is resized, I had error "qmp command 'block_resize' 
failed - Could not resize: Invalid argument".  Manual qmp command also 
     # block_resize drive-scsi1 16492674416640
     Could not resize: Invalid argument

     # block_resize drive-scsi1 15T

done job.

Just tested (in another machine) with megabytes instead of terabytes, 
also works OK:
     # block_resize drive-scsi0 8603566080
     Could not resize: Invalid argument

     # block_resize drive-scsi0 8205M

So maybe we could do something like
-    vm_mon_cmd($vmid, "block_resize", device => $deviceid, size => 
+    vm_mon_cmd($vmid, "block_resize", device => $deviceid, size => 
ceil($size/1024/1024) . "M");
in PVE::QemuServer::qemu_block_resize() as workaround?

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