[pve-devel] Container Repositories

Marco M. Gabriel marcomgabriel at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 13:57:56 CET 2017


there are two container repositories included in Proxmox since years:
Proxmox' own repository and the Turnkey Linux repository.

I would like to discuss about two things:

1. I got a few customer requests over the last years if they could enable
their own repository. Currently, this is only possible if they'd change the
APLInfo.pm and possibly some more code and it wouldn't be update safe.

A fine solution would be to include additional repositories from a file
located in /etc/pve - for example /etc/pve/pct-repos.cfg.

2. How do you think about including more "global" repositories?

What would someone need to provide to get listed in the global repos?

If I'm totally wrong here with my request, just let me know where to ask
those questions.


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