[pve-devel] VM config: User Interface <-> Online Help mismatch

Waschb├╝sch IT-Services GmbH service at waschbuesch.it
Fri Jan 6 17:28:06 CET 2017

Hi Dietmar,

> Am 06.01.2017 um 12:39 schrieb Dietmar Maurer <dietmar at proxmox.com>:
>> The online help explains the ballooning feature quite nicely, but there is a
>> mismatch:
>> Under the 'Use fixed size memory' option, I can set the memory size and there
>> is a checkbox 'Ballooning'.
>> I find this confusing. If I set a fixed amount of memory, then that seems to
>> me to be mutually exclusive with 'Ballooning'.
> The balloon driver is normally enabled, because it deliver some information
> about
> used memory (even if it does not manage memory). But some user
> reported kernel crashes with older kernels, so this option is there
> to disable the driver completely...

Thanks for the clarification!

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