[pve-devel] VM config: User Interface <-> Online Help mismatch

Waschb├╝sch IT-Services GmbH service at waschbuesch.it
Thu Jan 5 17:36:23 CET 2017

Hi all,

I just stumbled across the following:

When configuring memory for a VM, you can choose between the options 'Use fixed size memory' and 'Automatically allocate memory within this range'.
The online help explains the ballooning feature quite nicely, but there is a mismatch:
Under the 'Use fixed size memory' option, I can set the memory size and there is a checkbox 'Ballooning'.
I find this confusing. If I set a fixed amount of memory, then that seems to me to be mutually exclusive with 'Ballooning'.
Also, the online help does not show this checkbox at all, so I wonder if this is a glitch in the UI and should be grouped differently? Or is the online help not up to date?

Most importantly, is my assumption right that Use fixed size memory and Ballooning are mutually exclusive?



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