[pve-devel] [RFC manager 0/4] Allow bulk start/stop for pools

Philip Abernethy p.abernethy at proxmox.com
Wed Aug 30 17:22:57 CEST 2017

I added a context menu for pools to allow for bulk start and stop of
machines in a selected pool. I'm pondering whether or not to add bulk
migration as well. Our current bulk migration makes all machines
migrate to the same target. In pools the machines can reside on many
different nodes, so selecting a single target node may result in
machines migrating to the node they currently live on.
We may want to think of a clean way to handle that situation or a
different way of selecting the target(s).
Of course the user can deselect the machines that already are on the
target host, but that requires them to think of it.

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