[pve-devel] Disksize without limit ZFS (refquota)

Detlef Bracker bracker at 1awww.com
Tue Aug 22 15:32:46 CEST 2017


Why proxmox create zfs container with refquota or others without set of 
Or is that possible, that old containers was set with refquota and new 
created not?
Possible one update has change the settings for container creating or 
with API with
refquota and via GUi with none? I dont know?!

Without refquota, all containers has inside not the max disksizes as it 
was set in GUI!
So a container with 15 GB get a disk size of 1 TB and so on!

When we call

zfs get refquota

we get old created containers with refquota and then df inside the 
containers are correct,
so as in proxmox set.



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