[pve-devel] students training question : local storage defined in /etc/pve/storage.cfg, is it the right place ?

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Fri Jun 10 12:01:44 CEST 2016

> > or if you want to define a local storage on node1, you need to define it in 
> > datacenter then restrict it to node1. 
> >>Why is that a problem?
> not really a problem, just confusing that if you forget to choose node, the
> storage is defined on all nodes.
> Student expect to define it (in gui I mean), in a storage tab in node. (even
> if it could be write to /etc/pve/storage.cfg with node restriction)

And when you have a big cluster, you need to define that on every single node?
Note really a good solution for me.

> >> also, if you are on gui on node1, and want to define a zfs storage on
> >> node3, 
> >> you can't because you can parse zfs vols of node3 from node1. 
> >
> >Sorry - I don't understand that. Can you try to explain? 
> Not related to /etc/pve/datacenter.cfg, more a missing api,
> but currently, if you are in gui on node1 (http://node1:8006), and you want to
> create a zfs local storage on node3,
> you can't, because, the gui form "zfs pool", only display zfs pool from node1.
> (We are in datacenter section, so we expect to be able to list all zfs pool
> from all nodes right ?)

My idea is that all nodes in a cluster should have the same setup (more or
And you should always use shared storage for cluster setups.

You can do other things, but I want to optimize the common case.

> Another thing:
> you install a node1 with classic lvm (storage:local)  , then a node2 with zfs
> (storage:local-zfs).
> then you join node2 to cluster of node1,  the local-zfs storage is removed
> from config.

See above: All nodes in the cluster should use the same setup. I guess we
need to improve the documentation...

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