[pve-devel] OpenVZ 7

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Tue Jul 26 17:20:15 CEST 2016

On 07/26/2016 04:52 PM, Alex Wacker wrote:
> Hello,
> With openvz 7 just being released (https://lists.openvz.org/pipermail/announce/2016-July/000664.html), are there any possible plans to add openvz back into the latest proxmox versions?

OpenVZ, while the same name is now not the container technology but a 
management tools for VMs and CTs, so not sure if that question makes 
sense... :)

Quoting your posted link:

> [..]
> * Containers use cgroups and namespaces that limit, account for, and isolate
> resource usage as isolated namespaces of a collection of processes. The
> beancounters interface remains in place for backward compatibility and, at the
> same time, acts as a proxy for actual cgroups and namespaces implementation.

Exactly the same thing LXC uses, so what would be any reason to add 
OpenVZ back to PVE, if there would be even a possibility to do so (which 
not really is there).

Did you read the mail, they have now KVM/QEMU which Proxmox VE has since 
it exists, do not use modified Custom Kernels to support containers but 
use techologies similar to LXC (I did not look closely but maybe even 
the use LXC), that should be on the level what we are using since PVE 
4.0 (i.e. LXC)

I do not see a single feature we do not have,

KSM, Memory hot-plugging, UUIDS for VMs and CTs (in our case named 
VMIDs) qcows2 disks (even if I would not count that as new feature as 
they exists for a long time), unified management tool, KVM/QEMU 
hypervisor are all things that PVE has since quite some time..

So what do you mean exactly when writing "adding OpenVZ back to PVE"?


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