[pve-devel] Qemu Guest IOPS Graphing

Darryl Dixon darryl at tungstenweb.com
Mon Jul 11 23:47:47 CEST 2016


I have been working through the logistics of providing a patch for this
functionality with data stored in a separate file, as requested here:

However, the real difficulty lies not in getting the data stored into a
separate file, but rather in reading the data back out and incorporating it
into the UI without either duplicating a lot of code throughout the stack
to create a parallel 'pipeline' through the layers of code & services back
up to the UI, or invasively rewriting a significant amount of existing
functions/code around how the data is represented up through the stack to
allow two different data sources to be sensibly merged together into one.
Before embarking on one or the other scenario, I thought I would run this
past the list to get a feel for which approach is preferred, or whether
someone with a deep understanding of the existing code could offer a 'quick
win' that solves this in a way that I have not yet contemplated.

Darryl Dixon
Tungsten Web Ltd

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