[pve-devel] [pve-manager 4/4] Set VirtIO drivers as default when using the Qemu Wizard and the OS Type is Linux

Dominik Csapak d.csapak at proxmox.com
Wed Jul 6 14:15:49 CEST 2016

a very good idea, but i would like to have a more general approach

instead of listening to each radiobutton,

maybe we can listen to the whole group, then create an instance of the 
corresponding class and set the value in the target

with this approach we would have to do either:

write a class for every option of os (even when no setting is set 
different from the base class)


check if the class exists and instancing it or the base class

i would be in favor of the first option, because we then will
reminded if we add a new option that we maybe want to set
a default value for something

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