[pve-devel] Change the form in that the DRBD resource are created in PVE GUI

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Fri Apr 15 08:44:09 CEST 2016

Hi Cesar,

I don't know how is DRBD9 integrated in PVE 4.x but I think you have one 
thing wrong...

El 15/04/16 a las 02:34, Cesar Peschiera escribió:
> Hi PVE developers team
> Please, let me to do a suggestion (this topic is a bit complicated):
> I suggest that in PVE 4.x, in the use of the PVE GUI, LVM is on top of 
> (instead of DRBD in top of LVM), of this mode, each LV (logical 
> volume) can
> to have the same size of the virtual hard disk.
> Why is good idea this concept?:
> In the current state, each DRBD resource have all size of a partition 
> or a
> hard disk. Then, as in the datacenter is need run several scheduled 
> tasks,
> as:
> a) The backups of our VMs, that minimally should be done every day (until
> now without options of incremental or differential).
> b) The verification of all DRBD resources (at least once by week if the
> information is critical).
> c) The hardware verification of blocks of disk in the RAIDs created (at
> least once by week if the information is critical, besides, the RAIDs
> controllers as LSI , Adaptec, etc. has this options, and his 
> manufacturers
> recommend their use periodically).
> And as all these tasks require much time, i think that the PVE GUI for 
> the
> creation of DRBD resources must be modified, ie, that each DRBD 
> resource has
> the same size of the virtual disk, of this mode, the verification of all
> DRBD resources will take much less time to complete.
> Disadvantage of this request:
> If LVM is on top of DRBD, will be impossible to do a resize of virtual 
> disk
> in hot because the LV (logical volume. ie, the virtual disk) must be
> previously unmounted, as also, obviously,  previously the virtual machine
> should be turned off, only of this mode the DRBD resource can be resized.
It is in fact possible to resize a mounted LV. I do this all the time 
when a partition is getting full :)


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