[pve-devel] Clustered logical volumes activation

Dmitry Petuhov mityapetuhov at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 13:33:53 CET 2015

30.11.2015 15:17, Dietmar Maurer пишет:
>> Problem is that newly created machines machines cannot start with error:
>> TASK ERROR: can't activate LV '/dev/EVA6000-1-2TB/vm-101-disk-1': Error
>> locking on node 1: Device or resource busy
> I cannot reproduce that bug here. I can create and start a VM on LVM storage
> without problems.
Yes. I've used CLVM without custom init scripts. Just
systemctl enable dlm
systemctl start dlm
systemctl enable lvm2-cluster-activation
systemctl enable lvm2-cluster-activation

Without clustered group and clvmd, there's no conflict between lvcreate 
-aly on image creation in alloc_image() and lvchange -aey on VM start in 
activate_volume(), because they're doing exactly same thing. But these 
are different if group is clustered, because -aly takes shared lock, but 
-aey wants exclusive.
So solution either to do lvchange -aly in activate_volume(), or lvcreate 
-an in alloc_image(). I've done second, seems work.

Is it safe to not use clvmd, and stay with local LVM locking? What kind 
of locking is being used in PVE?

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