[pve-devel] adding a vm workload scheduler feature

Martin Waschbüsch service at waschbuesch.it
Tue Nov 17 13:04:16 CET 2015

> Am 17.11.2015 um 08:23 schrieb Alexandre DERUMIER <aderumier at odiso.com>:
> Hi,
> For next year,
> I would like to implement a new feature : workload scheduler
> This could allow auto migration of vms, to try to balance the vms across the cluster,
> from defined rules (for example, try to balance cpu usage)

Unless all cluster nodes have identical hardware, how do you determine if a given node is a suitable target for a vm?

Also, should there be a flag where you can set the vm to 'allow auto-migration' vs. 'stick to current node'?

Last but not least, how do you keep the load that migration generates from impacting auto-migration decisions?


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