[pve-devel] [PATCH] Qemu Guest IOPS Graphing

James Watson j at mez.co.nz
Wed Nov 11 22:00:38 CET 2015

I am still trying to come up with an alternative method that results in 
no blip on the statistics, but possibly someone has on the list might 
have a suggestion? I ask as how else are changes going to be made to the 
RRD tables if slight data loss and some broken graphs (due to missing 
tables on mixed version clusters) isn't an option?

Kind Regards,
James Watson

On 03/11/15 20:54, Dietmar Maurer wrote:
>> The method can be as simple as:
> It is not that simple. Consider a cluster with several nodes. Some
> nodes are old, other are already updated. Also, we need to update
> while pve-cluster is running.
> So far I found no way to do that without loosing data. Any ideas?
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