[pve-devel] Question about of the future of DRBD9 in PVE

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
Mon May 11 12:28:36 CEST 2015

Dietmar, thanks for your prompt reply

For me, reinstall the PVE servers is possible the sundays or holidays always
that the new PVE version has compatibility with the old version of PVE ....
(I have a group of servers and isn't a work of a pair of days when DRBD is
included as part of the working, being that his delay initial time to
complete his first synchronization of storages between nodes takes quite).

But my real concern is about the compatibility in DRBD9.
If you or anybody can know about of DRBD and his backward compatibility,
talking in terms of physical network setup in mode NIC-to-NIC for the
synchronous replication between pairs of nodes (or maybe in a near future),
please, say so here, this topic is very worrying for me.

Or if i can, i will do the test and will comment it here

Moreover, i guess that the PVE GUI will support DRBD, is right?

Best regards

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>> As i don't have practice with DRBD9, i would like to ask you if  can i
>> preserve this physical setup of net for DRBD9 with the next release of
>> PVE?,
> I guess you can still use such network setup, but maybe you need
> to re-install the servers. AFAIk upgrade existing setups does
> not work so far.

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