[pve-devel] Question about of the future of DRBD9 in PVE

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
Mon May 11 10:52:07 CEST 2015

Hi Dietmar

I would like to ask about of the future of DRBD in PVE, so please let me to 
explain my setup, my concern, and finally ask a question.

This is my setup:
- I am using DRBD version 8.4.x in PVE.
- Dedicated network for DRBD in bonding "balance-rr" in pairs of network 
interfaces, always connected NIC-to-NIC all interfaces of DRBD, several of 
these NICs are of 10 Gb/s. for earn more speed.
- Some of these servers has DRBD and a RAID controller with BBU, RAID10, 
several HDDs SAS 15K, a fast database in a VM (with a lot of RAM), etc.

These are my concerns:
- The possible problem that i will have (and maybe also much people will 
have) is this:
If with the next release of PVE with DRBD9, i can not preserve this same 
physical setup of net for DRBD9, perhaps will must to purchase a managed 
switch of 10 GB/s for use exclusive in the network connections of DRBD (and 
maybe should to purchase 2 managed switch stacked for obtain "HA" in this 
net of DRBD).
- The problem is that Switches of 10 GB/s are very expensive.

My doubt:
As i don't have practice with DRBD9, i would like to ask you if  can i 
preserve this physical setup of net for DRBD9 with the next release of PVE?, 
then, avoid the purchase of these expensive new switches, and get that DRBD 
working properly in a similar mode to the old version that i was using, 
speaking explicitly about of his synchronous replication only between pairs 
of nodes.

Awaiting your reply, i say see you soon.

Best regards

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