[pve-devel] pve-firewall IPv6 patch

Flavius Bindea flav at flav.com
Sat May 9 12:42:55 CEST 2015


The IPv6 protocol uses a lot for ICMP and multicast in order to allow
routing configuration.

After different searches I've found that some more ICMPv6 types have
to be enabled.

After reading post like this :
http://pivotallabs.com/configuring-f...6-dhcp-client/ and
http://www.cert.ssi.gouv.fr/site/CERTA-2006-INF-004/ (sorry in

I've found that rules like this
https://www.cert.org/downloads/IPv6/ip6tables_rules.txt or from
shorewall /usr/share/shorewall6/action.AllowICMPs makes thinks working

After reading RFC4890, I confirm all this kind of packets should not
be dropped (read section 4.3.2 and 4.3.3).

So here is a proposed patch.
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