[pve-devel] Kernel module woes

Michael Rasmussen mir at datanom.net
Sun May 3 12:31:33 CEST 2015

Hi Dietmar,

I am trying to help Patrick from servethehome.org to make his fusionIO
drivers compile on proxmox-3.4 with kern 2.6.32-37-pve but has run into
a bit of a problem. The problem is that even though Sandisk provides
sources this is not a real source tree since the source package for
each supported distro comes with one binary blob compiled against the
distros stock kernel (for Debian Wheezy):

The driver builds and installs fine but due to the linked in binary
blob the driver wont load giving this error message in syslog:
intel-e5-2699v3 kernel: iomemory_vsl: disagrees about version of symbol

I have tried to swap the binary blob from the RHEL source tree but the
same error persists.

Any idea what to do besides trying to persuade Sandisk to produce a
proper source tree?

Michael Rasmussen

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