[pve-devel] qemu 2.1.3 release

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Fri Jan 23 14:32:38 CET 2015

1 interesting fix:

migration/block: fix pending() return	value

"Because of wrong return value of .save_live_pending() in
migration/block.c, migration finishes before the whole disk is
transferred. Such situation occurs when the migration process is fast
enough, for example when source and dest are on the same host."

maybe this could fix the block migration error that some users have reported recently

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the QEMU v2.1.3 stable release is now
available at:


v2.1.3 is now tagged in the official qemu.git repository,
and the stable-2.1 branch has been updated accordingly:


This release includes a number of security fixes relating to the
the access of QEMU host-side memory via VNC or vmware-vga emulation,
as well as numerous fixes overhauling error-checking, resource leaking,
and reference-counting across various image formats, virtio devices,
and other areas of QEMU.

This is the last release planned for the QEMU 2.1 series.

Thank you to everyone involved!


c2b0926: Update version for v2.1.3 release (Michael Roth)
b316937: vl.c: fix regression when reading machine type from config file (Marcel Apfelbaum)
5b5c7bf: PPC: Fix crash on spapr_tce_table_finalize() (David Gibson)
6df8cd2: atomic: fix position of volatile qualifier (Paolo Bonzini)
ff2fff6: migration/block: fix pending() return value (Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy)
83a6674: pc: acpi: mark all possible CPUs as enabled in SRAT (Igor Mammedov)
39639d8: target-xtensa: test cross-page opcode (Max Filippov)
6e64c4e: target-xtensa: fix translation for opcodes crossing page boundary (Max Filippov)
73c1527: audio: Don't free hw resources until after hw backend is stopped (Peter Maydell)
b466e17: linuxboot: fix loading old kernels (Paolo Bonzini)
6a47ae2: linuxboot: compute initrd loading address (Paolo Bonzini)
5f0681e: block: Don't probe for unknown backing file format (Kevin Wolf)
75eb0f5: qcow2.py: Add required padding for header extensions (Kevin Wolf)
b495764: qcow2: Fix header extension size check (Kevin Wolf)
21640bf: block migration: fix return value (Gary R Hook)
6bbb939: block/raw-posix: Fix ret in raw_open_common() (Max Reitz)
178ed9a: qcow2: Respect bdrv_truncate() error (Max Reitz)
0505d48: qcow2: Flushing the caches in qcow2_close may fail (Max Reitz)
0073781: blkdebug: report errors on flush too (Paolo Bonzini)
175117c: qcow2: Prevent numerical overflow (Max Reitz)
aa58eed: iotests: Add test for unsupported image creation (Max Reitz)
e6c172a: iotests: Only kill NBD server if it runs (Max Reitz)
07ede68: qemu-img: Check create_opts before image amendment (Max Reitz)
2fbad1f: qemu-img: Check create_opts before image creation (Max Reitz)
dee2848: block: Check create_opts before image creation (Max Reitz)
ad0983b: block/nfs: Add create_opts (Max Reitz)
b3729b2: block/vvfat: qcow driver may not be found (Max Reitz)
1b9ea89: block: Omit bdrv_find_format for essential drivers (Max Reitz)
cdeb85c: block: Make essential BlockDriver objects public (Max Reitz)
b28d7b5: virtio-net: fix unmap leak (Jason Wang)
cd2f44c: hw/ide/core.c: Prevent SIGSEGV during migration (Don Slutz)
8444701: exec: Handle multipage ranges in invalidate_and_set_dirty() (Peter Maydell)
05c5feb: l2tpv3: fix possible double free (zhanghailiang)
de98dc9: libcacard: fix resource leak (zhanghailiang)
0c80570: virtio-scsi: work around bug in old BIOSes (Paolo Bonzini)
14b51b6: kvm: Fix memory slot page alignment logic (Alexander Graf)
ea227e2: target-xtensa: add missing window check for entry (Max Filippov)
aae114b: esp-pci: fixup deadlock with linux (Hannes Reinecke)
cfa86bc: hw/ppc/spapr_pci.c: Avoid functions not in glib 2.12 (g_hash_table_iter_*) (Peter Maydell)
b57b7ec: snapshot: add bdrv_drain_all() to bdrv_snapshot_delete() to avoid concurrency problem (Zhang Haoyu)
f8c61eb: hw/xtensa/xtfpga: treat uImage load address as virtual (Max Filippov)
c448fb7: hw/core/loader: implement address translation in uimage loader (Max Filippov)
8239a58: tcg/mips: fix store softmmu slow path (Aurelien Jarno)
cb91dce: virtio-scsi: sense in virtio_scsi_command_complete (Ting Wang)
b2f1d90: vnc: sanitize bits_per_pixel from the client (Petr Matousek)
5a6af97: Make qemu_shutdown_requested signal-safe (Jan Kiszka)
90de7a0: libcacard: don't free sign buffer while sign op is pending (Ray Strode)
5724858: qcow2: Do not overflow when writing an L1 sector (Max Reitz)
ff830f9: vmware-vga: use vmsvga_verify_rect in vmsvga_fill_rect (Gerd Hoffmann)
82e8913: vmware-vga: use vmsvga_verify_rect in vmsvga_copy_rect (Gerd Hoffmann)
38e6e1c: vmware-vga: use vmsvga_verify_rect in vmsvga_update_rect (Gerd Hoffmann)
4bcf40b: vmware-vga: add vmsvga_verify_rect (Gerd Hoffmann)
8bf7738: vmware-vga: CVE-2014-3689: turn off hw accel (Gerd Hoffmann)
8100812: pc: Fix disabling of vapic for compat PC models (Jan Kiszka)
cf0276b: virtio-9p: fix virtio-9p child refcount in transports (Gonglei)
b5ad76a: virtio-9p: use aliases instead of duplicate qdev properties (Gonglei)
20dc758: virtio-balloon: fix virtio-balloon child refcount in transports (Gonglei)
0077793: virtio-rng: fix virtio-rng child refcount in transports (Gonglei)
c4164ea: virtio-rng: use aliases instead of duplicate qdev properties (Gonglei)
8c64b47: virtio-serial: fix virtio-serial child refcount in transports (Gonglei)
aa383e9: virtio-serial: use aliases instead of duplicate qdev properties (Gonglei)
f06c87b: virtio/vhost-scsi: fix virtio-scsi/vhost-scsi child refcount in transports (Gonglei)
eb5388e: virtio/vhost-scsi: use aliases instead of duplicate qdev properties (Gonglei)
83f81f3: virtio-net: fix virtio-net child refcount in transports (Gonglei)
b6bd501: virtio-net: use aliases instead of duplicate qdev properties (Gonglei)
0369529: vhost-scsi: use virtio_ldl_p (Paolo Bonzini)
c29bf82: smbios: Fix assertion on socket count calculation (Eduardo Habkost)
e2d402d: snapshot: fix referencing wrong variable in while loop in do_delvm (Zhang Haoyu)
4d492e8: tests: avoid running duplicate qom-tests (Michael Roth)
45c46f2: pc-dimm: Don't check dimm->node when there is non-NUMA config (zhanghailiang)
c4379ce: ivshmem: Fix fd leak on error (Andreas Färber)
a95569d: ivshmem: Fix potential OOB r/w access (Sebastian Krahmer)
15905fd: ivshmem: validate incoming_posn value from server (Stefan Hajnoczi)
f1a8429: ivshmem: Check ivshmem_read() size argument (Stefan Hajnoczi)
09d552b: vhost-user: fix VIRTIO_NET_F_MRG_RXBUF negotiation (Damjan Marion)
d754428: virtio-balloon: fix integer overflow in memory stats feature (Luiz Capitulino)
5d35098: monitor: Reset HMP mon->rs in CHR_EVENT_OPEN (Stratos Psomadakis)
ff1f973: qemu-iotests: Test missing "driver" key for blockdev-add (Fam Zheng)
0b2d2e0: tests: add QMP input visitor test for unions with no discriminator (Michael Roth)
4a58f3c: qapi: dealloc visitor, implement visit_start_union (Michael Roth)
96c6cf6: qapi: add visit_start_union and visit_end_union (Michael Roth)
b5fc105: gdbstub: init mon_chr through qemu_chr_alloc (Pavel Dovgalyuk)
e1cf5a2: hw/arm/virt: fix pl011 and pl031 irq flags (Peter Maydell)
490a0f8: spapr_pci: map the MSI window in each PHB (Greg Kurz)
e4fb3de: virtio-pci: enable bus master for old guests (Michael S. Tsirkin)
7fb768e: pci: Use bus master address space for delivering MSI/MSI-X messages (Jan Kiszka)
2151206: kvmclock: Add comment explaining why we need cpu_clean_all_dirty() (Eduardo Habkost)
c35ba0d: kvmclock: Ensure time in migration never goes backward (Alexander Graf)
61048e1: kvmclock: Ensure proper env->tsc value for kvmclock_current_nsec calculation (Marcelo Tosatti)
a9ed615: Introduce cpu_clean_all_dirty (Marcelo Tosatti)
3807aeb: xhci PCIe endpoint migration compatibility fix (Dr. David Alan Gilbert)
ff3bd5e: exec: file_ram_alloc(): print error when prealloc fails (Luiz Capitulino)
d6af26d: qdev: Add cleanup logic in device_set_realized() to avoid resource leak (Gonglei)
8bb90ee: qdev: Use NULL instead of local_err for qbus_child unrealize (Gonglei)

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