[pve-devel] WARNING: command 'df -P -B 1 /mnt/pve/NFS-Disco2' failed: got timeout

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
Thu Jan 8 11:31:18 CET 2015

Hi PVE developers team.

I get always, and in all nodes, this message when a vzdump backup is in
"WARNING: command 'df -P -B 1 /mnt/pve/NFS-Disco2' failed: got timeout"
(where the number of disk varies in each PVE server).

The message appears in PVE 2.3 and 3.3 versions (that it are the versions
that i have installed).

In Software, the NFS Server has:
- Installed PVE 3.3 (from his iso file), and kernel 3.10.
- This NFS-Server configuration:
(where the number of disk varies for the use of each PVE server).

In Hardware, the NFS Server has:
- A Adaptec 6805E RAID card without write-cache enabled (and without AFM-600
Flash module)
- Several RAID 1 configured with SATA disks, and each RAID1 is exclusively
to store the backups of a PVE node.
- The NIC for the backups is Intel 10 Gb/s. 2 ports with bonding LACP.
- The LAN of backups is a network independent.

In the PVE nodes (where are the VMs running):
- I have configured the access to the NFS server by the GUI of PVE.

My Questions:
Is possible correct the code to fix this?, or
Am i doing something wrong?

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