[pve-devel] Proxmox-Statistik Summary Host and Usage of Containers INKONSISTENT

Detlef Bracker bracker at 1awww.com
Thu Jan 8 00:21:20 CET 2015


when you have one container, they use many traffic, you will not find in
the host summary!
Their we see 1.2 Megabit average per hour

and in one container we see averages from 100 to 300 mbit/sec and in
this host we have
ca. 150 client containers running, so we look not every time in all
statistics and secure not
when problems exists!

When I look in host summery I wonder, why the host today is so slow and
I search and the
last idee was to look in our external netreducing scripts, in this we
log when we reduce a
container about to many traffic and then we see, oh this container use
to much traffic and
we look in proxmox!

And a better idee is then for feature, make a 3rd - 10th line in the
summary with the top
10 containers they use expl. this traffic to resolve the searching when
problems exists!

1awww.com - Internet-Service-Provider

Detlef Bracker

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