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Michael Rasmussen mir at datanom.net
Sat Jul 26 11:04:51 CEST 2014

On Sat, 26 Jul 2014 07:01:42 +0000
Dietmar Maurer <dietmar at proxmox.com> wrote:

> AFAIK IPv6 Neighbor Discovery cannot even handle basic things like passing DNS server.
> So you need DHCPv6.
Yes, I know that but if the DHCPv6 part should only handle such things
it will greatly reduce the complexity and lines of code.

> I am a bit afraid how many LOC you write for that DHCP server? 
Well, pveproxy, which is likely the same in complexity, sports 1372
lines off code so I don't consider 1181 lines of code frightening
compared to that;-) 

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