[pve-devel] strange API behaviour for vncproxy

Adrian Costin adrian.costin at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 19:10:12 CEST 2014


I¹m trying to create a VNC ticket using the API and have encountered
strange behaviour regarding the Œlocalhost¹ alias for the node name.

# pvesh create /nodes/localhost/qemu/924/vncproxy
no such VM ('924')
# pvesh create /nodes/ro4/qemu/924/vncproxy
200 OK
   "cert" : ³...",
   "port" : "5904",
   "ticket" : ³...",
   "upid" : ³UPID:ro4:...",
   "user" : "root at pam"

This is happening for both openvz and qemu. All other commands are
accessible by using localhost.

I¹m running Proxmox as a stand-alone server and it¹s much more convenient
to access all the data using Œlocalhost¹ rather then doing an extra get to
find our the node name.

Is this a bug or it¹s the intended behaviour?

I¹m running the latest packages from pvetest, but I¹ve tested the same
with the latest from pve-no-subscription as well.

Best regards,
Adrian Costin

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